Our Role

We are the Lead Economic Development Organization (LEDO) for St. Joseph County, a role that designates us as the go-to resource for those companies looking to relocate here or others looking to expand. We’re the key convener of regional economic development partners and data, driving economic activity in collaboration with our partners from the state, county, cities, utilities, education, transportation and workforce. We respond to leads, provide supporting data and showcase the sites and properties for businesses to consider when expanding.

Glossary of Terms

St. Joseph County, branded the South Bend Region, is located in North Central Indiana with a population of 272,912, the fifth largest county in the state. The city of South Bend, population 103,453, is the economic and cultural hub of a multi-county, bi-state greater region, population 924,820, with a labor force of 505,574. South Bend also ranks as the fourth largest city in Indiana and is home to the iconic University of Notre Dame. Neighboring Mishawaka has one of the largest concentrations of retail stores in the state, and the entire region boasts affordable housing, over a dozen institutions of higher learning, easy transportation access and convenient commute times that average 21.3 minutes. Target industries include Advanced Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT and Transportation & Logistics.

Economic Profile

Tools We Use

Buxton Analytics

Industry leader in predictive analytics, enabling data-driven decisions based on consumer behaviors. The software’s proprietary methodologies, data partnerships and Experian Mosaic customer segmentation statistics deliver actionable reports to promote commercial engagement, leverage visitor demographics and spending patterns, support small businesses, retain and attract retail, and enhance equitable development.

IMPLAN Modeling

Used to construct quantitative models to analyze the economic impact of business decisions. The software combines the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis' Input-Output Benchmarks with other data to provide insight into direct, indirect and induced effects of industry changes. 


Commercial site selection/GIS planning software. Site selectors and businesses can research, analyze and drill down into our site data with an unparalleled range of analytical tools. Check out our commercial sites here.    


Contact Us

When it comes to our economic development program, we offer one-stop shopping for those companies looking to relocate or expand to the South Bend Region. Contact Director of Economic Development Alyson Herzig, 574.400.4048, for help.